Thursday, June 24, 2010

"But they're ridiculous. They have no support. Barely a hundred, and half of them students on a lark," Finn countered.
Mathers looked up at the tin ceiling.
"But you know, Bud, the hell of it is that they're right about most of their facts. It's true that marijuana isn't a peril to western civilization. Nasty obnoxious stuff, but nothing like cocaine or heroin. And they might even be right about hemp agriculture and the trees and all. I'm no expert. They aren't either, but it wouldn't be the first time the government has been proven wrong. Those people could put Drug Enforcement out of business in this state."
Mathers reflected. A sobering thought.
But it didn’t sober the sheriff.
"Fat chance. Drugs are Public Enemy Number One. We've got a War going. The public wants a Drug-Free America. We're going to give it to them." Jake Lincoln was always running for election.
So was Mathers.

--Excerpt from WITCHGRASS: a pipe dream

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