Monday, June 21, 2010

"As in Jamaica, work and ganja have become an ingrained culture. Reggae bands can always find work in Maine. There is even some direct cross-fertilization through the Jamaican apple pickers who visit the state every fall. Real Lamb's Bread ganja, though, is only a memory of the serendipitous seventies.  Other world-class strains of ganja now proliferate in the woods.
This culture seems to exist, in some variant, in every Maine town. Other places too, maybe, but everywhere in Maine. Along the coast, in the back counties, in The County itself. Little towns, mill towns, farm towns surrounded by green woods. Hard work, trees, opportunity.
An ethnicity of work in the warrior mode. Agricultural Entrepreneurship that even some legislators have admired. Taking back old farms marked by endless stone fences. Taking back the land to make green gold."

-- Excerpt from WITCHGRASS: a pipe dream

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